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In need of a qualified or experienced management, marketing and sales professionals, operations manager or other mid-level position in your company?

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Seeking a new position, wanting to relocate or being squeezed out of your last position as a result of one of the recent mega mergers?

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Kuty & Associates has many employment opportunities available through our recruiting service.

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Mergers and Acquistions

The impact of mergers and acquisitions have taken a toll on the service industry.  Many owners of midsize to small companies are now finding it hard to compete with the international and national competitions.

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How Can Kuty & Associates Help You?

An integral aspect of our featured services is recruiting specifically for the private security and janitorial professions. Everyone has horror stories regarding the hiring process, the time involved, the frustration of examining resumes and the grind of multiple interviews. At Kuty & Associates, we take the hardship out of the process!

We specialize in recruiting executive level, financial, operational and sales personnel. Long term or temporary assignments are accepted. In need of an executive/management level position?  Why not put the burden on us. Or, if you are an executive/management/sales level person looking for change we have opportunities for you!

Why pay high percentages to traditional "headhunters" who don't understand your business? With multiple successful recruitment projects successfully in place let us demonstrate how we can save you both time and money.

Call us today to learn more about this service and/or submit your employment request or resume to and for consideration.

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